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16 Cars Considered “Chick Cars”

The Smart ForTwo has quickly become one of the most popular “Chick Cars” on the market today. Originally a European favorite, the brand’s U.S. version of the auto includes all of the required safety standards to drive on American roads, and it is extremely cute

13 Cutest Cars for Teenage Girls

Photo by Toyota Motor Europe 1. Toyota Yaris MSRP: $16,780 One of the cutest cars for teenage girls is the Toyota Yaris. Besides being an extremely fun car to drive, the Yaris features a quirky design and is extremely affordable when buying the base model, and it does extremely well when it comes to gas…

15 Most Popular Student Cars

Photo by theKCB 1. Hyundai Accent Cost: $16,500 Gas Mileage: 31 MPG combined Two of the key components for any automobile that a student is going to drive are the cost and gas mileage. The Accent performs well in both of these categories with a price point south of $20,000 for a new auto and…