14 Great Cars No One Bought

1. Jaguar XJ

2011 Jaguar XJ (5)

Photo by Automotive Rhythms
In a sea of oddly designed full-size luxury sedans, the Jaguar XJ stands out. Athletic appearance, lightweight aluminium structure, and a comfortable, sporty ride are all featured on this great vehicle. A longer wheelbase model is available for those who want to be chauffeured and a powerful 550 horsepower XJR is offered for those who want raw power. For some reason though, the Jaguar XJ can’t compete with the German competition of BMW and Audi. With a total of only 4,329 units sold in 2014, the Jaguar XJ is a rarity on the road. It’s possible the rebranding from Ford a few years back hurt the Jaguar name, which is unfortunate because not only is the Jaguar XJ on par with its rivals, it also comes in close to $20,000 cheaper than others in its class.

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